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Edwin Peterson hypnotherapist

Edwin Peterson, DW, MM, RCM

Meet Edwin, a vibrant and multi-talented soul embracing life in sunny San Diego, California. His heart thrives on personal growth, and his quest for knowledge has led him to a captivating journey through mindfulness meditation, communications, theology, hypnotherapy, reiki, theta healing, emotional freedom technique, and metaphysics.


Edwin's boundless enthusiasm for creativity and imagination ignites his passion to share profound insights with everyone around him. A born dreamer and skilled map maker, he effortlessly turns his dreams into realities, manifesting success at every turn.


Beyond his enriching pursuits, Edwin revels in the joys of food, books, spirituality, and exciting escapades. His thirst for adventure takes him to distant lands, where he immerses himself in diverse cultures, cherishing every moment. At home, he finds solace in crafting beautiful and harmonious spaces, nurturing his profound connection with the world and those he encounters.


In Edwin's world, life is a treasure trove of wonder waiting to be discovered. Embracing each moment with unbridled love, he cherishes every opportunity to grow, create, and connect, making every day a vibrant tapestry of joy.

Look no further for the ultimate support you need, no matter what you're going through. Hypnosis, the transformative art of hypnotherapy, holds the key to unlocking positive changes in your life. With heightened suggestibility and unwavering focus, you become receptive to the life-altering suggestions for change.


Embrace the power of Neuro-hypnotherapy, the cutting-edge approach that delves into the dynamic connection between your brain and nervous system, unleashing the potential for incredible transformations.


Enter the realm of Modus7, the beacon of hope, guiding you through a remarkable seven-step process of neuro-hypnotherapy. Together, we'll explore the roots of any challenges, discover your desired behaviors and outcomes, and ignite the journey of positive change using the extraordinary power of hypnotherapy.


Remember, hypnotherapy is as unique as you are – a personalized key to unlocking your true potential. Our licensed and skilled hypnotherapists will tailor the perfect approach for your specific needs and goals.


We walk hand in hand, combining hypnotherapy with other therapeutic approaches, ensuring you receive the comprehensive care you deserve. Rest assured, hypnotherapy is a powerful ally, complementing your medical treatment and mental health care to create a harmonious path to a brighter future. Together, we'll unleash the greatness within you, making your dreams a reality.

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